Sarigerme Village

The village of Sarigerme is a casual, calm and often unpretentious Holiday destination, suitable for everyone who is seeking for a relaxed all year round Holiday destination.  Sarigerme has come out of hibernation period for the season of 2019 and is ready to host its visitors to the area. As usual, a successful summer season is expected for everyone in the village, everything is up and running in Sarigerme with all the shops and restaurants open, with some new businesses on the scene. The official Summer season started on the first week of May.

If you have not been in Sarigerme Dalaman area before and considering to book your Holiday, don’t hesitate, you will love it.

Whether you are a party enthusiast or a quite beach lover this place has got much to offer to everyone.

Sarigerme is located in an area where is dotted with many tranquil beaches, coves and many spectacular views of the mountain, landscape as well as Sea view scenery. In order to experience all this fusion of beauty, one needs to get out of their hotel and do some excursions – sightseeing tours

On this site, you can Book during and before your Holidays; Excursions , Airport Transfer and Hire a Minibus with Driver for your Private Trips, ask questions about the area in general if you can’t find the answer you are looking for

  • Beautiful Bays
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • Blue Flag Beach
  • 30 min. to Dalaman Airport
  • Shops for Shopaholics
  • Easy Local Transport
  • Many Sightseeing Tours
  • Superb Dining & Wining
Sarigerme Beach is Suitable for Families with small children

Fantastic Beaches

Beach of Sarigerme itself is among the finest beaches in the area, with all the necessary facilities makes it ideal for families with little children. There are many other fine beaches nearby, find out more

Fine Dining

Regardless of your budget, Restaurants in the area are well known for its quality butler style fine dining and wining experiences.

Friendly People

Locals are rather friendly and tolerant towards the visitors, this must be due to the nice weather all year around which can have the calming effect on people.



Dalaman Airport Transfer Service we provide can make a difference at the beginning and end of your Holiday. It can take up to two hours for you to arrive at your destination Hotel after stepping out of the Airport, if you choose to use shuttle services.

With our airport transport service there is no waiting, journey to Sarigerme is 30 minutes, straight to your Hotel.

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Just you or people up to twenty person that you don’t mind being around with in a double decker boat visiting spectacular bays with crystal clear waters , enjoying drinks and music. You will served and looked after in Butler style.

  • Transport to/from Boat
  • Bar and Music available
  • Stopping within Crystal Clear Bays
  • Swimming Breaks
  • BBQ on Boat
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Ideal for families and large groups who wish to explore the surrounding area. No need to read maps , trying to find parking spot ,local and experienced driver does it ll for you.

Now you can hire a Minibus for groups up to 19 person with a driver. Fully insured vehicles, Petrol , parking and toll fees are included.

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Local Population - 672 ppl
8 Big Hotels 25000 guest
Year 2004 launch of Sarigerme.NET
Organic Sewage Plant since 1994
Local Kite Competition since 2005