There are All Kinds of Shops Available in Sarigerme, such as Jewellery, Leather, Clothing, Bags, Souvenir, Tattooist and many more. The business hours of the shops are from 9 am till after 11 pm, seven days a week throughout the summer season.

Although all the shops are fully operational in the first week of May, still there are few Restaurants and Shops open in April time serving both locals and tourists.

Shopkeepers are more relaxed and laid back unlike the ones in Marmaris and some touristic markets, Sarigerme is kind of Hussle Free.

There is no obligation to purchase a product when you enter a shop, and a drink has been offered; it is in Turkish Tradition to Serve and Host the Customer most pleasantly.

You can haggle if you believe that the item is not worth the price you have had in your mind. But, ones you agree to an amount it is rude not to purchase.

In the shops of Sarigerme you can find all kinds of Shoes, Clothes, Sunglasses, Boots, Caps, Jeans, at the lowest price, but excellent quality stuff for men, kids and women.

If you can not find what you are looking for in the sarigerme (unlikely), there are nearby towns such as Dalaman and Ortaca with more shops you might find it worth visiting if you are after big shopping.

Just be aware; EVERYTHING is fake. There is nothing original. Providing documentation for its being genuine is part of the fake game. This does not mean that the quality is less, especially on clothing and bags. However, when it comes to Jewellery and watches, raise your warning sign bar, as high as possible.

is on Sundays, starts early morning until 5pm


  • TUESDAY – FETHIYE ( book this trip )

Are the Watches and Jewellery sold in the Shops Real ?

Watches and Jewellery are two different categories in Turkey. Locals buy their Jewellery from well-established shops with a good history of customer services and not from seasonal touristic jewellery shops. There are many reasons why you should probably do the same if you are willing to spend a significant amount on Jewellery items. It is very likely that you will be ending up paying much more than its real value, provided it is a genuine item. On the other hand, after-sale service plays also an important role when needed. How would you feel if there is no one answers your phone calls, message and emails? What if the shop is no longer there anymore? Well, you do get the picture.

With Watches is even worst because they all come with documentation, supposedly proving it is original, obviously, needlessly to say the documentation is forge too. The counterfeiting industry has become astonishingly sophisticated in recent years, so much so, where now, you can buy a fake Rolex that looks, feels, and performs nearly exactly like the real thing. Well, when your holiday is over, so will be your fun with your Watch too, as they seem not to last too long. Can you get your money back? Are you having a laugh?

Be aware of Social Media Pages

You have read it right, be aware of some social media pages; where you will come across shops advertising their products from time to time on these Social Media Pages, the rumour has it, that some First choice and Tui reps are behind this, by setting up these pages and inviting their guest to join in.

Most positive comments are made by people who are either have relations with the selling party or benefiting from these sales financially, one way or another. Basically, there is a dirty game going on. . Many customers who have been hooked into buying these fake –very expensive– items, and had a very bad experience, have their comments and warnings deleted also blocked and banned to rejoin the pages.

Customers who become friends with locals have been asking for help to get their money back.  Shops selling Fake Watches advertising on some social media pages are based usually in all-inclusive Holiday Village complexes and one tor two in the actual Village and have nothing to do with the locals. This had to be brought up here; so, if you can avoid becoming a statistic, you can return back to your home with nothing but absolute lovely memories.

Any questions? Like to talk about this topic?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch.