On this page, I will not lecture you about the property buying procedures as there are tonnes of Real estates out there who are happy to spend hours to explain to you how everything works when you decide to go ahead with the purchase. Over the years I have been approached by many, probably hundreds and hundreds of foreign nationals who were keen to buy their dream Villa with swimming pools, I, on the other hand, did my best to change their minds for their own good ,which I will tell you why I did this.

property in Sarigerme

It is alright if you have plenty of money, secure income and don’t have to worry about the outgoings back home. This article ain’t for you. However, if you saved all your life, worked hard for your money and seen the opportunity of buying a House in Turkey as a profitable investment then I suggest thinking twice would be the right thing to do.

Living and owning your own House abroad isn’t that easy to manage. There is a huge difference between being on Holiday and actually living in the area, in many ways it ain’t the same.

A good friend will tell you the Ugly Truth and not pretty lies, I like to be considered as a good friend.