What Currency Should I bring

Where Can I Exchange Money?

Do not exchange your money in the UK. No matter where for how much, you will lose money. The exchange rates in the UK and in general all over Europe, especially at the Airports are ridiculously low.

So, bring your currency over to Turkey, for two well good reasons;

You can shop with your Currency, whether it is Sterling, Euro or Dollar, without any problem whatsoever.

Secondly, if you wish to exchange your currency for the Turkish Liras, be assured that the exchange rates over here are very high. Also, you won’t have any problem finding a shop that is willing to exchange it for you. In Sarigerme, everyone will be happy to exchange your currency into Turkish Liras, this includes Clothing shops, Supermarkets, Pharmacist, Jewellery Shops even the greengrocery in Sarigerme will do this.

British Sterling is floating around 12 Turkish Lira, Euro about 10 Turkish Lira these days. (07.July.2021) This page will be updated when there is a dramatic change in the currency.


The Right Honourable Nicola Sturgeon may not like it what I am going to write here, Well, you may experience a problem with Scottish money, you will find that people will be reluctant to exchange Scottish Money. So, please keep your Scottish pounds safe at home for the time being.


There are plenty of ATM Cash Machines in Sarigerme. Just be aware of the cost, find out before your departure how much your bank will be charging you for your cash withdrawals from an ATM.

Just in case, let’s say for argument sake, All the ATM’s in sarigerme stopped working, what’s next? Well, the nearest two towns are half an hour away, Ortaca and Dalaman, many Banks and ATM’s at your service.

Currency and Cash Machines in Sarigerme

Just a quick note to say, Hotels do have also very poor exchange rates compare to the shops. all of them including Hilton Dalaman Resort, TUI Holiday Villages. Try to avoid Hotel Receptions for exchanging your currency.