Wedding in Sarigerme

Please note that Hotels in Turkey | Sarigerme do not provide Wedding Services.

If you wish to get Married in Turkey, you need to contact your Tour Operator such as First Choice, Thomas Cook, Thomsons etc. , they do provide wedding ceremonies in most Hotels. Be aware that this needs to be booked in advance.

Why not have your After Wedding Reception-party on a fully decorated Double Decker Boat ?
Downstairs are the tables and bar and toilets, upstairs ideal for dancing or watching the stars on the sky.
Price starts from £60 per person for this season, depending on the amount of the person and must be booked in advance

  • Butler service under the moonlight and stars.
  • BBQ, Starters, Afters, Music, Plenty drinks
  • We decorate the vehicles
  • pick you all up from your Hotel.
  • Decorated Double Decker Boat
  • BBQ Chicken or Fresh Fish, Salad, Starters, Pasta, Fruit
  • Complimentary Champagne for Bride and Bridegroom
  • After cruise we will dock back on the harbour
  • Return You back to your Hotel

IF THIS SOUNDS GOOD ? don’t hesitate to contact us.

Following Article sent by Danielle who got married at the Holiday Village. Please get in touch with us to share your experience with other bride to be ladies. Thank You.

Weddings at the holiday village can only be added onto a booking made through first choice, it normally cost around £360 to add the wedding package onto the holiday booking. The wedding package comprises of:
Planning and adminstration
Wedding Ceremony
Bouquet and Buttonhole (very Basic and white)
Marriage Certificate
Wedding Cake
Sparking Wine

There are then compulsory charges that need to be paid for in resort, these are ;

£230 (sterling) for a taxi to the British Consulate
£130 per couple in Turkish Lira to have your documents translated into Turkish and stamped.

Before travel to Turkey Bride and Groom need to apply at there Local Registry Office for a Certificate on No Impediment (certificate to prove both people are legally ok to be married) this needs to be taken to turkey along with full length birth cerificates (originals) and 5 Passport sized photo per person (good ones as they are attached to your marriage certificate)
First choice ask for these documents to be faxed before travel so they can check them.. (if either person has been married before there are other paperwork that needs to be obtained)

On arrival at the holiday village a letter is posted through to your room with a date and time to meet the wedding co-ordinator to discuss the extras that can be purchased go through the details of the wedding day and explain the trip to City of Izmir to the British Consulate .

04:15 Wake up call from reception
04:45 Meet wedding co-ordinator final check of all paper work, meet taxi driver
05:00 Depart hotel
09:00 arrive in Izmir- British Consulate…Your Legal Documents will be checked and translated here 195 TURKISH LIRA PER PERSON
10:00 Izmir- Mayors Office to have paper work stamped,  (our taxi driver sorted this out, we did not go into the mayors office)
10:30 Depart Izmir
11:30 stop for lunch..this is not provided so please take tukish lira with you ..normally Burger King.
13:30 Arrive in ORTACA to meet Registrar (confirm details of wedding)
14:00 Ariive at Doctors to register with a doctor as no weddings can be held unless registerd with doctor, (we did not leave the taxo the driver went in and sorted this out )
14:30 back to registrar to hand in health report (again did not need to leave taxi)
16:00 back to holiday village xxx
This is a very long day, people will want to share a taxi to keep costs down, please note this is a normal sized car, it is very cramped with 4 adults. Please do not agree to share with another couple it is not worth it.

Witnesses cannot be related to the Bride or groom, it you do not have any witnesses, there are plenty of reps who dress up for the occaison and will do it free of charge.
Hotel offer a Free wedding dress and suit pressing service for bride and groom, its worth it to take the stress of worrying about creased dresses etc.
wedding reception is held in a private restaurant at a charge of £5pp there are various menus to choose from athe the wedding co-orinatore gives them to you so you have plenty of time to choose.

Extras including hair dressers, photography, are all done with the wedding co-ordinator, but i used the hotels hairdresser which was alot cheaper than the one she wanted me to use and it looked perfect £30.00 for bridal hair and £25 for bridesmaid. photo packages start from £300, this includes a disc with over 150 pictures on and an albulm with 20 pictures in.

Please bring a CD with any music you would like to walk down the aisle to, and do a dance to as wedding co-coordinator cannot guarantee that she will have them, we made a CD that lasted 1 hour as you have the wedding gazebo for around 1 hour, the CD was played as we had our photos taken, we also put it on in the background while we had our meal.

Did You know, you can book your day out trips totally private for your group only.