Tailor in Sarigerme

There is a Tailor in the Village of Sarigerme. His name is Olgun.

His shop is located on the right-hand side, above the Son of the North Pub, where you will see stairs, up there he has got his tailor shop. From shortening sleeves on shirts or dresses to covers for your pillows, you name it, he will do it for you.

All cloth stores are taking the items for adjustment or for repairs to him e.g Trouser, Blouse, T-shirt, Dress. His Prices compare to the UK or anywhere in Europe is very cheap. You can bring your items to his shop, he will sort it out before you finish your drink at the bar next door. If you have got any Item to be repaired or needs adjustment, pack it with you before flying over to Sarigerme.

If you have problems buying off-the-rack clothing that fits, a tailor is a great way to customise it for you.


Per adjustment or repair is  £2 for Trousers, Shirts, Skirts, Blouse, Dresses, Jackets. More complicated repair and adjustment jobs are welcome.