Restaurants and Bars

No matter how fussy eater you are , there will be always something for every one to fill their face with joy as there are many places to wine and dine.

Restaurants in Sarigerme have large Menus with variety of cuisines,including British as well as Turkish, freshly prepared in hygienic environment.

Every Restaurant displays their Menu clearly prices with the exception of the Fish dishes. Please query the price forehand if ordering Fish dish. This is due to Fish served on the menu is usually daily fresh catch and price may vary from day to day.

Bars in Sarigerme do also serve Food , almost with a large menu as any other Restaurant. Restaurants are open from late Breakfast time till very late into the night.

Gluten Intolerance may not widely known as in Europe and not every restaurant chef may have the adequate knowledge of the side effects, therefore if you suffer from Gluten Intolerance make sure they understand what you are on about. The useful word in this case would be “CHOELYAK”


Unlike in the UK and the rest of Europe, Bar staff in Sarigerme are towards the guests very entertaining. You will find them chatty and courteous , will try to make you a regular with their butler style service. It’s not just about ordering your drink and make your way to your table, no sorry your journey doesn’t  end there but it’s just starting .

Being a tourism resort , this lets the youngsters of the hook , no age limit in visiting bars in Sarigerme , children can join their parents , however alcoholic drinks can not be served to the under age.

Bars and Pubs in Sarigerme open until the last customer leaves the premises, There is almost no time restriction in entertainment. However saying that , since all business enterprises are located within the Village, after late in to the night noise needs to be kept to minimal to not to disturb the local residence. Therefore don’t do it over the top and follow the guidance of the staff .

Music choice in the Bars are good and staff are happy to play the album of your choice provided it is relevant to the atmosphere.

Yes, Football and all other sports events can be watched live and most of the time with English commentator.