Mosquitoes in Sarigerme

There are Mosquitos in Sarigerme and trillions of them. The last thing you need to make your Holiday uncomfortable is a Bite from these little monsters.

You will be preparing your self by packing some repellent with you, however, they may not work on our Mosquitos very well, the repelling sprays they sell in Turkey is fantastic. You can buy it almost in any shop. We call it SINKOV. It is powerful stuff. Sinkov is not sold in the UK market. They are about £1 a bottle. So make sure to hit the Village, and get a couple of Sinkov bottle from Supermarket or Pharmacy.

Ignoring using repellents against the Mozzy Fleet, will result in very itchy Holiday. You can not avoid them unless you have some sort of specific chemicals in your blood LOL. The only way of keeping them away would be standing constantly in the strong breeze, which is almost impossible in the hot and humid summer nights.

It is important to know that some people are buying Colone (lemon stuff) from the markets as mosquito repelling. Please beware that, that stuff is useless and does not work at all. DO NOT BUY.  IT IS A CON.

After your shower in the evening,  spray all on your naked parts of your body (you must avoid eyes) as well as on your clothing, and repeat this several times in the evenings. Although it is seriously harmful stuff those repellents,  don’t be shy, spray generously. Mosquitoes do come out before the sunset. Especially when there is no breeze. Just don’t let those Kamikaze Vampires ruin your Holiday.