Sarigerme Local Transport

There are Shuttle Mini Buses or Dolmush running every Half Hour, through the Village starting from Hilton and Holiday Villages all the way to Sarigerme Public Beach for 5 Turkish Lira, about 50 pence – kids under 6 are free.

The Dolmus (dolmush), public shuttle buses are operating from Sarigerme to Ortaca Town every day of the Week.

You can board a dolmus anywhere on its route by signalling it to stop for you. Similarly, you can get off at a convenient point anywhere along the route. The destination of the dolmus is posted in the windscreen. In summer the latest hour of departure of the minibuses or dolmus in to/from Sarigerme is 7.30 pm.

It is imperative that you know that you have to pay in Turkish Lira for the Taxi or Dolmush, which will make it easy for the Driver. Otherwise don’t expect your change in the exact amount or exchange rate.

Dolmush starting point in Sarigerme is the Hilton Hotel, passing Holiday Village into the Sarigerme Village, then driving through to Ortaca, those who have Public Beach written on their windscreen obviously continue towards Public Beach bypassing Sarigerme Village.  Thereafter Sarigerme Shuttle Buses (Dolmush) drives trough Güzelyurt Village, Fevziye Village, Akıncı Village, Dikmekavak Village before reaches Ortaca Bus Station.

If you wish to go Ortaca Town, When in Sarigerme Village, Flag down a Dolmush passing by with a sign on the windscreen saying ORTACA. With this Dolmush you can get all the way to Ortaca for 7.25 TL per person. (Just under 1 sterling, remember to pay in the local currency, also you can pay by card )
Dolmush in Sarigerme, Transportation in Sarigerme is easy and cheap with the local Transport
  • Wave your Hand if you wish to Flag down a Dolmush
  • Pay the Driver in Local Currency when you get on
  • Say “Stop please” if you wish to get off


Yes, there are taxi Stands almost in every corner, Turkey is definitely not in shortage when it comes to Taxi Stands. The Question is, do you really need a Taxi? There is a comprehensive Local Transportation Web around the clock from the early hours of the day until late into the evening. It is cheap, it is safe – compared to reckless driving amongst Taxi drivers-, it is convenient and after all, it will be a great experience on your Holiday especially for the families.

See below price lists examples from Ortaca Town Bus Station (OTOGAR) to nearby Towns and some Cities, prices are in Turkish Lira and Per Person.

Long-distance Bus journeys can be rather comfortable with regular refreshing breaks. Most companies do provide during the journey, snack and drinks (non-alcoholic) for free of charge. Also, most Bus Companies do have touch screens in front of every seat offering a variety of Films, Tv Channels, music etc. which adds to the comfort. When taking all these into consideration, prices are unbelievably cheap.

To nearby towns from Ortaca Town Bus Station.

  • Fethiye          8,5TL
  • Marmaris   19.75TL
  • Dalaman      3.25TL
  • Koycegiz      4.50TL

To some Cities from Ortaca  Bus Station

  • Istanbul         120TL
  • Izmir                52TL
  • Antalya            52TL
  • Ankara           120TL
transportation from sarigerme ortaca dalaman
bus journey in Turkey , prices are very cheap, comfortable journeys, food and drinks are included

Ortaca Town Bus Station (ORTACA OTOGAR)

From Long-distance to Short-distance Bus journeys can be booked on this small but rather very operational Bus station. Buses are clearly marked in their wind screens where they are heading to. If you are returning the same day back to sarigerme, make sure you know when the last dolmush is departing back to sarigerme from Ortaca bus station. This information is clearly marked where the Dolmushes are parked, or simply ask the driver, this way you know what time you need to be back at the Ortaca Bus station for your departure to Sarigerme. Usually the last Dolmush departs to Sarigerme at 8pm.

From Fethiye and Marmaris it takes about one and half hours to get to Ortaca. Know your journey times ahead to avoid missing your last Dolmush to Sarigerme, otherwise you will be needing a Taxi which will be considerably more expensive then Dolmush.