Children, Toddler and Baby Stuff

From Activities to Nappies

Everything one possibly can need during their Holiday is available in Sarigerme Village. Whether it is a Childs Suncream or Nappies, you name it they have got it.

Although the best thing to do is to pack your child’s stuff into your suitcase, it is good to know that Little supermarkets, as well as the Pharmacy in the village, do sell Baby products such as baby food in a jar, diapers for the active toddler with stretchy sides. Please be aware that most EU and UK known brands do operate under different names. There are plenty of baby food brands available in Turkey, for example, Nestle products. Also many European brands. Baby rice with all sorts of different ingredients is plenty on the shelves of the supermarkets most with the English description. With other words, you don’t have to worry. Unless you are using a specific product that is only to be used for your child, in that case, it is better to bring enough amount of that product with you.

What Trips and Excursions

There are few suitable for little Children

Oh Yes, there are tons of things to do, however, there are only a few Excursions which may rather more suitable for Families with Little Children. Excursions with less time on the Bus and more frequent stops might be more enjoyable for the little ones. Following trips are recommended for the families with little children.

Dalyan Boat Trip from Sarigerme , ideal for children and families
kids things to do in sarigerme, 12 island boat trip, plenty of stops and bbq, spacious boat

Dalyan Mudbaths trip is ideal for any age. constant changing scenery keeps everyone occupied, getting into the mud, seeing the little turtles, being surrounded by the wildlife such as bird specious and Turtles, even big turtles depending on the boat traffic and some live crabs and obviously the Turtle Beach …Boats are shady and spacious, plenty breaks in between.

Or you can have this trip as half day without the mudbath and head to Turtle Beach, where also Turtle sanctuary is, that is a short bus ride to Turtle Beach.

12 ISLAND Boat trip is a must provided your child likes water. All day long in crystal clear waters swimming, BBQ, plenty of space for kids.

For more detailed information about the above-mentioned trips, visit the relevant pages on this site.

You are not limited with few Activities

No, you are not limited to a few trips from Sarigerme. There are plenty more to do for kids, such as Jeep Safari, Paragliding, Buggy, Horse Riding etc. It all depends on how the kids react to the journeys, and only as a parent you can know this. Whilst I was typing this, I remembered how much my 6-year-old Son enjoyed his Paragliding Jump, Oh yes, you have read it correctly, six years of age wanted to jump from 1600mt, and he did this twice.

Kid enjoying Buggy with Dad
safari trip in sarigerme