Visa Issues

Turkish Government has announced that British Citizens are exempt from visa for tourist visits of up to 90 days within 180 days starting from the first entry date. You can obtain the latest information direct from the website mentioned below.

Deal with only one Gov Website;

There is only one legitimate Website to obtain Visa for Turkey, , all other websites are not legitimate and you must avoid them. What they do is, collect the information required from you and then they enter your details into above mentioned Turkish Gov website, and email the Visa back to you. The proceeder takes literally a couple of minutes, no need to pay extra money on those sites.

The only Official Visa issuing Website is

Application is very easy and simple. Fill in the forms, provide your email address, pay with your debit/credit card, you will receive your Visa to email address. Do you need to print them out? NO, not really, however, keep a copy on your phone. On arrival at the passport check, when they scan your passport, it comes up on their screen whether or not you have obtained a tourist visa. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being on the safe side and bring your printed copies along.

Latest Law

Your details required

According to the new regulation, stated by The Ministry of Transport, all customers will need to provide their full name (as it appears on their passports) and passport numbers to all Airport Transfer and excursion- tour companies.

Details of the passengers must be provided to the transfer company at the time of booking. Details of the passengers will be passed on by the operating Company via secure online system onto The Ministry of Transport one hour before the Transfer/Tour. All transfer drivers must be able to produce this information at road checks and traffic controls.