Golf in Sarigerme

Is there a Golf Course 2021

Yes, there is a Golf Course on its way in Sarigerme. However, no one knows precisely. For the Golf Course to be open and fully functional, it does requires rigorous operational standards and huge investments. Money isn’t the issue in this case.

Everyone has been following this subject since the rumours began with the Hilton’s construction and every year we did hear “next year Golf Course will be up and running”, that year never arrived. Although everything is in place, including no shortage of investment funds, the rumour is; there are other invisible (political) powers involved.

The answer lays in this Question, Where are the nearest professional Golf Courses? In Antalya.

Well, if you look into the figures what are the incomes of those Golf Courses in Antalya region and what effect they have to the surrounding area of Antalya, one can have some idea why some(!) trying to prevent the Golf Course in Dalaman Area?

It’s not rocket science; it is all about not wanting to share the hundreds of millions of dollars. With this in mind, the regional political figures as well as prominent investors trying hard to pull every string in their powers to open the Golf Course in Sarigerme, which will attract the super-rich to the area.

To keep it short, there is no Golf Course in 2021, and don’t hold your hopes high for 2022 at this stage.