What Currency

This page explains what Currency should you bring or where to exchange your Currency in sarigerme or Dalaman area.

You will make a big loss by Exchanging your Currency in UK and Turkish Airports especially if you decide to change a few hundred sterling or euros.

Most travel agents and the post office in the UK / EU will tell you they have great exchange rates, that is not true.

You can shop with your own currency and if you in need of exchanging you will get a better rate in Sarigerme.

There are no Currency Exchange Office in Sarigerme, however, most shops will be more than happy to exchange your currency into Turkish Lira, especially Jewellery shops and Travel agencies in Sarigerme will give you a good exchange rate without charging you a commission.

Try to not bring fifty sterling banknotes with you as you may find it difficult to exchange as shops look at these banknotes suspicious.

English Sterling is in the region of 7,30 Turkish Lira and Euro is 6,35 Turkish Lira | This page will be updated when there is a dramatic change in the Currency.

You can use Euro -English Pounds -Dollar without any problem.

Dolar and Russian Tourists

Russians are well known with their 100 Dolar Banknotes, even if they wish to spend only a dollar or so they draw a 100 Dolar banknotes from their pockets and expect the change in Dolar too, this puts people off doing business with Russian clients. Please bring some smaller banknotes with you which this will make your life easier as well as the shopkeepers.


There are 4 Cash Machines in Sarigerme ,these ATM’s belong to Akbank, Garanti Bank, Deniz Bank and Is Bank

Cash Machines in Sarigerme are located at the entrance of the Village,next to the Taxi stand

If they are temporarily out of order, it is not the end of the World, you can go to Towns of Dalaman or Ortaca, be aware that your bank may charge you for each transaction %2,75 or more.

Scottish Bank notes are not well known, therefore you will experience problems with this currency.

With Coins is a bit difficult to exchange them into Turkish Lira but during shopping within the Village of Sarigerme like in many touristic areas you can use your Coins £1 and £2 only.They may be accepted in a lower exchange rate.

An example of HSBC’s message Withdrawing cash abroad

For all HSBC Credit Cards customers (including HSBC Advance and HSBC Premier), there is also a Cash Advance Fee of 2.99% (minimum £3) for withdrawing money at an ATM overseas. This fee is already shown on your statement. If the withdrawal is not in sterling, the ‘non-sterling transaction fee’ will also apply and both fees will show on your statement.(message ends here)

So far as I know, Nationwide is the only Bank who does not charge for cash transactions abroad, i might be wrong, check this with your Bank.

I have been informed by a visitor that Post Office in UK does provides post office credit card which does not charge any interest on shopping in abroad, please check this with the post office in the uk.

If you do need cash to be send from abroad to you, consider western Union, as the post office in Sarigerme does have the service.