It is the Cologne in the Bottles sold everywhere especially in the Markets. Some Shameless Stall owners putting sign front of the Stall , telling you that it is anti-Mosquito , or stops mozzy bites itching. These products are not Mosquito Repellent. Please avoid it.

Cologne is used very widely in Turkey and it has become part of our culture. You will be offered cologne in almost every Turkish house and office during a social visit. Splashing or rubbing cologne on your hands, face, neck, and hair helps to refresh the air around you and gives you a fresh feeling. You can purchase cologne from every market and pharmacy in Turkey.  You will be offered cologne at restaurants after finishing your meal and right before leaving the restaurant.

The reason is to wipe away and cleanse your hands of food residue. While lemon cologne is the most common and most popular in Turkey, we also have colognes scented with rose, lily, jasmine, and other flowers and plants, even tobacco.


Perfumes sold in the Markets (and in most shops) are only scented water and you can buy the real thing at duty-free for a few pounds more. Sales people behind the fake perfume stalls are extremely good at persuading customers to buy their products.

You will believe them once they start to demonstrate. Don’t be persuaded to buy perfume – wait until you go back to the airport duty free when you are assured the products are genuine unless you find a shop selling genuine perfumes.

Despite after reading this, I can see you purchasing one of these fake perfumes…

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