Baby Toddler Children

During the take off and landing children can experience rather very uncomfortable feeling in their ears due to the air pressure which can result in pain therefore lots screaming. To avoid this, after plain takes off give your children no matter their age something to suck or chew which can help to get their ears pop. Repeat this when the plain starts to decent.

Most parents worry about whether they can find Baby or Toddler items on their holiday destination

Everything you possibly can need during your Holiday is available in Sarigerme Village.

There are number of small supermarkets in Sarigerme, selling Nappies and Baby Foods in Jars as well as baby biscuits. Some brands may not be familiar to you but they are internationally recognized brands trading in different names in different countries.

Calpol and Ibuprofen brands can be purchased at the Chemist in Sarigerme.

There are many shops in Sarigerme selling all kinds of Childrens clothing for all ages including Shoes and Trainers, if this is’nt enough then you can try markets , if this is’nt enough then you can take a short trip to the near by Towns such as Ortaca and Dalaman which both are half an hour ride away via local transport Dolmush from Sarigerme.

Sun Creams can be ridiculously expensive at the Hotel, put few in your baggage.

Soak your child in Sun cream. And keep small children away from the direct sunlight when the Sun is at its peak , this is Beetween 12-2pm .


There are many sight seeing , excursions available to book, however not all are suitable for small children.

Some can be too boring due to being too long in Bus etc. , reasons can be various. The following two excursion should be definitely considered by the families whom have small children.

Both trips mentioned above have short bus ride , plenty time on spacious boat , swimming and wild life . You can bring along your Buggy as there are plenty of space on the boats, basically these trips are child friendly,