Do not get fooled by the Turkish hotel Baths.
There are REAL Turkish baths or Hamam as it is known amongst Turkish People, out there, and we know where they are.
Indulge yourself while taking a journey into the past

Unless you are fussy, you do not bring anything along other then your self as all will be taken care of, from towels to soups and changing cabinets.

Turkish Bath in sarigerme dalaman
Hamam , Turkish Bath Trip from Sarigerme

It’s all starts with Pick-up at the hotel and Arrival at the Hamam in Ortaca. The Hamam you will be visiting has been running under the same family for many many years and well known amongst the locals.

Once you are inside Hamam, you can use cubicles where you undress down to your swimsuit and wrap yourself in the towel provided by the staff and then proceed to a large, dome-shaped room. Here you will be cleaned like never before, will leave the building with soft baby skin.

  • DAYS AVAILABLE : Everyday
  • PICK UP TIME      : from 10 am , Late Afternoon and Evenings
  • RETURN TIME      : When you finish
  • INCLUDED           : Transfer , Lockers , Towels , Good Rub and Foam Massage
  • BRING ALONG    : swimm wear(women), money for drinks, Camera
  • SUITABLE            : Suitable for all ages above 8, under 18 with a legal guardian

If you would like to add Oil Massage after the Turkish Bath, you can do so for an additional price of £18 .

Customers with preexisting medical conditions (e.g nut allergy) must inform us at the time of booking, this is important for us.

Pregnant Ladies are not advised to go to Turkish Bath as well as those who got High blood pressure and Heart problems.


My wife and I want the Turkish bath and massage each but we have a baby. How long will it take for the haman and massage and is there anything to do nearby? Or would you recommend that one goes in the morning and the other in the afternoon?


I suggest that you can bring your baby along and keep the baby in shady/cooler area and you both can take turns in /out, You will feel tired and knackered within an hour, usually all finishes in an hour or so