A trip to the land of the flying horse Pegasus, pleasant walk in the Gorge from Jurassic times and delightful lunch experience in a beautiful human-made park.

Saklikent Gorge Tour

Saklikent Gorge, with its 300 meters depth and 18 km length the second-longest Gorge of Europe and is amongst the deepest and longest in the world. Due to rising water levels during the winter period, it is impossible to walk within the Canyon; however, with the arrival of the summer season, it does become more comfortable to walk.

saklikent Gorge
Tlos Ancient City

The 4000-year-old Lycian city Tlos has is ruins in these hills. The homeland of the famous hero Bellerophon, who lived in Tlos with his flying horse Pegasus. A tomb is dedicated within the necropolis by citizens of Lycia for the honour of Bellerophon.

Yakapark is a human-made nature park with beautifully designed restaurants, lots of waterfalls with trout fish farm and pleasant forest air. It is an excellent lunch stopping point for Saklikent Gorge and Tlos visitors.

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saklikent_Tlos (2)
  • PICK UP TIME : 9.00am
  • RETURN TIME : 6pm
  • INCLUDED : Lunch – Guide
  • BRING ALONG : Shoes to wear in the Water-non slippery, swim wear ,Towels ,sun cream, sun hat and sun glasses, money for drinks ,Camera
  • SUITABLE : Suitable for all ages above 10, under 18 with a legal guardian


Not suitable for people with walking difficulties or mobility issues

Customers with preexisting medical conditions (e.g nut allergy) must inform us at the time of booking, this is important for us.