This two day trip to Ephesus and Pamukkale is suitable for those who are into History and Culture. For two consecutive day, you will be loaded with the essence of the past and present of what the area has to offer. You will have the opportunity to explore and discover the hinterlands of Cities like Mugla, Denizli and Aydin.

In the ancient City of Ephesus and Hierapolis in Pamukkale, up to two hours of guided tours will give you more insight into the past civilization of Romans and others.
Accommodation for the overnight stay will be in Pamukkale.

  • DAYS AVAILABLE : Everyday
  • PICK UP TIME      : 7am
  • RETURN TIME     : following day 7pm
  • INCLUDED            : 2x Breakfast 2x Lunch – one night Accommodation – TourGuide – Entrance fees excluding Cleopatra’s pool and Terrace Houses
  • BRING ALONG     : Shoes to wear – flip flops, swimwear, Towels, sun cream, sun hat and sunglasses, money for drinks, Camera, overnight bag
  • Suitable                  : for ages above 12, under 18 with a legal guardian

Customers with preexisting medical conditions (e.g nut allergy) must inform us at the time of booking, this is important for us.

Pregnant Ladies are not advised to go into Thermal Baths in Pamukkale as well as those who got High blood pressure and Heart problems.