Sarigerme Beach

Beach is suitable for families with young children due to its shallow waters.
Sarigerme beach is very popular in the area amongst locals as well as tourist. Rather clean and tidy beach controlled by an organization called SARCED. Beach is amongst Blue Flag beaches and amongst the few who has easy access for pushchairs, prams and wheelchairs

Beach has relatively clean Toilets, Changing Cabinets, showers and plenty of shady picnic area.
There is a Cafe run by the organization selling Burgers – non-alcoholic drinks as well as some local foods for reasonable price.

  • Cheeseburger is 12TL
  • Pepsi 3 TL
  • Magnum Ice Cream is 5TL
  • Large bottle Water is 3TL

Please Click on this Link to see the Pictures of Price banners on the Beach

Staff are very friendly and always visible. During day time hours lifeguard is on watch.
There is a small fee to be paid at the entrance, when considered that all goes to the up keeping of this beautiful place and pays the employees one does not mind the small fee at all.

  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Changing Cabinets
  • Café
  • Picnic Area
  • Small Animals (gees – ducks etc.)
  • Water Sports
  • Car Park
  • Blue Flag
  • Life Guard
  • Accessible
  • First Aid Nearby

How to get there

Well, there are several options to get to the Sarigerme Beach. By Taxi , Walking , Shuttle Service or Dolmush , Flying , Swimming , Jumping from Hot Air Balloon , On Camel Back.
Ok, lets assume you are staying in one of the Hotels or Apartments in Sarigerme and wish to give a try to this beautiful beach.
I haven’t measured it myself but they say The Beach is about 800 meters away from the actual Village. If you prefer in imperials then this figure should be around 870 yards or half a mile. So it isn’t that far away to take a walk if you are staying within the Village such as Sevgi Hotel.
However, if you are staying at the Hilton or one of the Holiday Villages e.g Palace or Tropical “which you need to add another mile” then you may find it convenient to Flag a Dolmush

There are mini buses operating from 8 am –  8pm every Half Hour to the Sarigerme Public Beach

Starting point is Hilton Hotel and Holiday Villages for 3 Turkish Lira per person.