A Village with plenty of shops, Bars and Restaurants, surrounded by beautiful places.
Sarigerme Village

Sarigerme is a tiny Village, although it’s lost its village status a few years ago and became a neighbourhood of Ortaca town. It is a quiet, tranquil place and ideal for relaxed Holiday. Saying that it has plenty of things to do for everyone, whether you are a beach lover, party goer, fits in all categories.

Within the Sarigerme, there are many shops, restaurants, bars as well as small size supermarkets and Pharmacy.  Shops selling good quality items ranging from Bags, Clothing and Jewellery, including Tatoo and Hairdresser shops.

with the exception of the Market day, which takes place on Sundays, sarigerme is a relatively quiet place. However, it becomes lively during the evenings with the visitors until late into the night.

Addition to the Big Hotels, there are a number of smaller hotels operating withing Sarigerme, it can get very busy during the High Summer Season and can be difficult to find a place to stay, so be adviced to book your accommodation far in advance in order to avoid any disappointments.

It is the surrounding area of Sarigerme one must explore to understand the beauty of the area. The area is dotted with seriously beautiful Bays, Beaches and Villages. You can start with exploring by booking excursions (see excursions section on this site) or if you consider yourself more adventurous try the DIY way, via local transportation.