Property Investment

Buying a House , Villa or a Land for development has become increasingly popular whether it is purely for pleasure or investment.

Due to the rise of  all inclusive luxury hotels in the area,  the value of the properties in Sarigerme area has increased. With out a doubt this will continue until it reaches its full capacity which may take a number of decades. In the meantime investors will be making money one way or another.

Obviously one can come up with a long list about why you would  buy a House or invest in a Villa with a swimming pool , which may include the weather , affordable life style , being close to international Dalaman Airport etc. I don’t need to tell you all about it as you must have been here before and you know all about it and have experienced it for yourself. Now You want to purchase that dream house of yours.

The Internet is full of Real Estate advertisers , some have trustworthy looking websites , some seem to have home or phone offices. How will you know who is who and which one is telling you the truth ? You don’t know the language , don’t have a clue about the culture or you think you know. I can hear you saying “i work with a lawyer” , well, what would you say if I turn around and say ; Lawyers work more on behalf of the estate agents rather then the Buyer, this is due to Lawyers finding clients through estate agents.

Well, this is where I come in. I solely work on your behalf, I am not a Lawyer nor a Real Estate Agent. Definitely wont work for them , no matter how much they pay me. I work totally against them.

It is my job to make sure you know 100% what you are signing up to , to help you to avoid becoming another statistic.


I have been in the area of Dalaman for around 30 years , I have a great deal of knowledge of the area including Sarigerme | Dalyan | Koycegiz,

I am providing the best consultation and assistance for and those who are skeptical , not sure about the Estate Agent , Property they purchasing or anything else in matter.

If you want to be 100% sure what you are signing up for and don’t mind the extra few hundreds pounds in order not to take your chances in to unknown , HIRE ME.