Mosquitoes in Sarigerme

Oh Yes , there are many trillions of them. They can be itchy , irritating and Holiday spoiler if you don’t take them seriously.

They have Sharp edges on its tip to help it cut through skin and even protective layers of clothing

Although how bad it may sounds , if you use the correct repellent sprays and creams you wont even notice them. As long as you use repellent sprays / creams after the Sunset, you will be alright.

There are a lot of  different type of mosquito repellent products , probably the best one is the one the locals are using, called SINKOV , it is rather a nasty staff but keeps the little vampires away from your delicate skin.

Spray generously and rub it where you have bare skin. Repeat it several times through the night.

Shops in the Village are selling this sinkov product for about £3.


There will be stall owners especially at the Markets will try to sell you cologne supposedly helps to prevent Mosquito bites or heal mosquito bites. Keep away from these people and do not purchase it for that reason, avoid it like a plague.