The Village street is half a mile long with all kinds of shops . One can find there almost anything needed throughout your Holiday in Sarigerme.

  • Convenient Stores (small supermarkets)
    Yes they do sell Nappies too
  • Trendy Clothing Shops
  • Souvenir Shops
  • Toy Shops
  • Jewellry Shops
  • Pharmacy
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and Pubs
  • Small Hotels and B&B
  • ATM Cash Machines
  • Post Office

Although markets aren't cheap anymore as it used to be, they can be pushy , still makes it interesting, .
Wednesday - SARIGERME
Friday -ORTACA

Please be Aware
Do not buy cologne for Mosquito Repellent purpose, avoid it as plaque, please purchase Mosquito Repellent from Shops in the Village called ''SINKOV''

Perfumes offered for sale are fake as it can get, avoid even getting into conversation as they are extremely good sales man and you will be conned in to buy


All Major fabulous all-inclusive hotels, particularly suited to family holidays, in Sarigerme such as Holiday Villages Palace & Suntopia Tropical , Hilton Golf Resort , Magic Life , Seno Imperial are erected on the Seafront facing the Sarigerme Beach and 20 to 25 minutes walk to actual Sarigerme Village. Smaller  hotels are located in the Village such as Sevgi Hotel, Han Hotel, Dolphin Aparts.


Sarigerme seem also a place in the middle earth, far from every where.

Well it may seem so, but the reality is far different. Nearest towns are as you properly know, are Ortaca and Dalaman which both are about 20 minutes enjoyible ride away.

If you wish to go to Gocek, 30 minutes ride away. A little further such as Fethiye would take you 45 minutes. Dalyan on the other hand is 30 Minutes away.


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