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Hotels and B&B in Sarigerme Village

Check these Budget Hotels out by clicking on pictures.

Here on this page, I would like to tell you that there are some small Hotels and Bed and Breakfast in the Village of Sarigerme.

Our favourite is Sevgi Hotel, which is located at the heart of the Village, small, clean and is only 24 sterling per person, breakfast included, Bargain !

Those who wish to come along with friends or children can also consider the Basic Apartment, ideal for self catering lovers.

Apartment S is also located nearby of Sevgi Hotel and eligible to use for all the amenities of Sevgi Hotel as it is managed by the same family.

Also Yasemin Villa's are affordable family run accomodation located at the entrance of the Village. Consist of four Villas or Apartments with shared swimming pool.

Sarigerme Village is not packed with lots of small accomodation therefore it can be difficult to find vacancies during the high summerseason, bare in mind that it is a small place.

These small hotels and B&B are usually fully booked in high season, we strongly recommend you to book in advance to avoid any dissapointments.

Let us explaine you how all works when it comes to booking a accommodation trough this site.

If you decide to book or simply wish to make an enquiry regarding anything on this site which includes hotels obviously, contact us.

You let us know which dates you are interested in, how many rooms and how many person. And someone will get back to you regarding your query, if possible within same day.

Deposit Payments are made via Paypal. Remaining balance to be paid up on arrival at your hotel. Either via Card or in any equivalent currency.

Little bit further back, there are some more Apartments and hotels available to book in the Village.

Like the ones you see here on your right such as Self Catering Apartments, Suit Sirman Hotel and Nur Hotel.

All are within walking distance, 10 minutes, to the centre of the Village.

All are run by bunch of friendly people and will do everything to make you feel at home away from home.

If booked Bed and Breakfast basis obvioulsy Evening meals are not included within the price however for a small amount of price hotel management can arrange home made traditional Turkish dishes served around the pool. This has to be discussed direct with the Hotel manager

Please be aware that Airport Pick Up service is not included within the Accommodation prices nor this is Hotel managements resposibility.

Therefore Airport Transfers must be booked seperatley in order to avoid any dissapointments.

We would like to welcome any comments you may have regarding your experience with the small hotels in Sarigerme Village or if you have anything to add to the above please simply let us know and we shall do our utmost best to share it with wider audience trough the pages of website.


Holiday Village is 25 minutes walk away from the actuall Village of Sarigerme. There are minibuses leaving every 30 minutes from the gates of these hotels to Ortaca Town trough sarigerme village for a small fee. for more about Holiday Village


Hilton Hotel is located just after the Suntopia Tropical and Palace Hotels on the same road, about 5 minutes further walking distance from these Hotels.

What a great hotel, however, If you decide to do some sightseeing, excursions, please be aware that you will be paying a huge amount of difference if you book at the reception or information desk in the lobby. You will be ending up paying twice as much as any other customer on the same tour.

If you wish to avoid this, simply walk to the village and visit Panda Tours in order to book an excursion or visit our excursion section on this site where you can get plenty information and book online. It is same with the Car Hire.

WHERE IS ALINN HOTEL LOCATED ? not operating this summer.

Alinn Hotel is also located on one of the Hills ,however not so high as Caria Hotel,which makes the walking up and down more pleasant so to say . Alinn Hotel also has free shuttle service to the beach and back during day hours.You can walk to the gates of Alinn Hotel within 10 minutes from sarigerme Village ,this is same to the beach.

WHERE IS CARIA HOTEL LOCATED ? not operating this summer.

Caria Hotel is located right up the Hills of Sarigerme Village. Yes, you can walk down about within 30 minutes however walking up to the Hotel can be done if you have some sort super power, or if you are very very fit person. Caria was shut for the last few years and Rumours says that Caria will be not opening for the 2016 and 2017 season.


Club Magic Life Sarigerme Seno Imperial, this hotel is an Extension to Magic Life, with 50-50 German Tur partnership,314 Rooms,4418 Trees, total 20.000 square build on 290.000 square meter land


I have to say few words for those who can't wait to get back home to moan after the Holiday about the Hotel,e.g Holiday Village of First Choice,they have stayed

Some do complain about things that can be easly sorted, For example

Food was Cold, Just tell the Waiter or the Chef so they can get you a warm meal.

My Room wasn't clean, Tell the Housekeeper or the reception ASAP.

Too many Kids around, Don't go on School Holidays to Holiday , or choose Adults only Hotel

Don't like the food, Stay at Home , don't fly anywhere !! Or bring your own Sandwich

I have been ill ugghh, Wash your hands before eating ,Sugar happens.

Simply contact on that very moment the relavent person or department and explaine what ever your problem is .Don't leave it till you get back You need to let the Hotel Management Know whats your opinion is, otherwise they will never know.They dont sitdown and read the hotel reviews on the net.

Hotel Management will care about the Customer service and relations , but only if the Customer lets them know .

Remember,You have got to make the most out of your Holiday .

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