Market of Fethiye is the first part of this trip where you will have the opportunity to spend your wealth .
The second part of this adventure begins when we head to Kaya Koyu, an old Greek settlement 13km from the centre of Fethiye.

Kaya, or Karmylassos, was home to a sizeable Greek population until the signing of the Population Exchange Treaty in 1923 by both Turkey and Greece.The town then became deserted and is now known as a ghost town. Incredibly, the remains of approximately 3000 deserted buildings , including houses, shops, churches and schools, lie scattered across the hillside. Kaya Koyu means simply ‘Rock Village’, which is fitting as the ruined village blends into the rocky hillside.

Here we will have lunch as there are a number of restaurants in the village.Our chosen restaurant faces straight onto the magnificent view of the ‘Rock Village’.
Starters consist of an open buffet, while the main course has a choice of fish, chicken, meatballs or omelette.

Now we head for Oludeniz, or the ‘Blue Lagoon’ as it is otherwise known. Here we spend a relaxing 2 hours swimming and enjoying the spectacular surrounding scenery.
One the way back we may stop briefly at a Turkish Delight factory to see how it is made. Tasting is free! We believe it is an informative break and everyone seems to enjoy it.

  • DAYS AVAILABLE : Thuesday
  • PICK UP TIME : 9.30am
  • RETURN TIME : 6pm
  • INCLUDED : Lunch – Guide
  • BRING ALONG: Beachbag, sun cream, sun hat , money for drinks ,Camera
  • SUITABLE : Suitable for all ages above 6, under 18 with legal guardian

Customers with preexisting medical conditions (e.g nut allergy) must inform us at the time of booking, this is important for us.