Swimming with Dolphins is an amazing experience, We will pick you up early in the morning and take you to Marmaris where the europes biggest open water dolphinarium is.
You will have the opportunity to see, touch and swim with friendly Dolphins.

Get wet with a Dolphin and learn about them in an unique way, spending some time in their element and getting to know them.

Get kissed, touch and dance with the dolphin to maximize both yours and the dolphins enjoyment! An amazing, memorable experience.

Dolphins we are going to visit are located in Marmaris which is about two hours ride away from Sarigerme. The biggest Dolphinarium in entire europe where dolphins are treated and well looked after in line of worlds top required standarts. Same Dolphinarium is also used for serious mental treatments for children and adults

It is imperative and part of the main rules that you must not have any type of cream on you which includes suncream too. Also those who willing to swimm with Dolphin must inform at the time of booking if he/she have/had any medical condition that we must be aware of.

Dolphins of the dolphinarium are very friendly and healthy who loves humans of all ages however still they like to choose with whom they like to swim with. This means you will be introduced to several Dolphins and who ever likes you most, you will be swimming with that dolphin.

  • DAYS AVAILABLE : Thursdays
  • PICK UP TIME : 9am
  • RETURN TIME : 6pm
  • INCLUDED : Transfer and Swimming with Dolphin
  • BRING ALONG: flip flops, swim wear, Towels, sun hat and sun glasses, money for drinks , Camera
  • SUITABLE : Minumum Age for swimming with dolphin is 12, Customers under 18 with a legal Guardian.
  • IMPORTANT : Customers with preexisting medical conditions must inform us at the time of booking, this is important for us.
  • SWIM SESSION: for 1 person 8 min, Couples 10min and groups 15min. After that everyone will enjoy taking unforgettable photos.

Rules for participants

  • Mental and physical health of each swimmer is required.
  • Pregnant women allowed participating only in the meet program.
  • The swimming with dolphins for “everyone” takes place in a separate dolphin pool, which is only used for the touristic swimming with dolphins.
  • The animals are specially trained to play and be pet by swimmers.
  • Participants of this program should not apply any sun block- lotions- oils- cream or medical skincare before the dolphin swim.
  • All jewelers such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings must be taken off before the swim.
  • Participants with overly long fingernails will be declined.
  • Special care has to be taken not to touch the eyes or the blow hole of the dolphins.