If you are a type of person who is never satisfied with a single Beach and ready to explore then we like to give you one or two options addition to Sarigerme Beach

ASI BEACHAsi Beach between Sarigerme and Dalyan

Asi Beach / Cove or known as Asi Koyu in Turkish (pronounced Ashee) is hidden between Sarigerme and Dalyan after Mergenli Village.

It is easy accessible via the Sea, however if you don’t have the luxury of having your own boat then I guess you will do it via the Land.

One can get to Asi beach from both direction , Dalyan and Sarigerme.

If you are staying in Sarigerme, when you leave the village follow the road untill to the first cross road with signs indicating to left Fethiye, Dalaman and to right signs indicating Mergenli, this is the cross road where you need to make a left turn if you are coming from sarigerme direction, obvioulsy right if you are coming from Ortaca direction.

What you need to make sure of is, that you do not go into the centre of the Mergenli Village but continue to the right along the small water canal and keep left untill you pass the graveyard.

On your Right you should see a small white Mosque on top of the hill, this will show you are on the right track. Carry on untill you come across a dry well on the roadside, just after that you should see a sign post indicating to Asi Beach.

From Dalyan direction, follow the signs to Iztuzu Beach to come out of Dalyan, drive the long flat road leading to Iztuzu Beach, untill you reach Gokbel Village (there will be some stalls and market with man only cafee) , turn left towards to Mergenli Village and drive untill you see the sign indicating Asi Beach -Asi Koyu.

If you decide to drink , best option would be to hire a return transfer to Asi Beach as it may become seriously dangerous and difficult to get back due to its windy road conditions.

Asi Beach is owned by the Goverment but leased to a private business enterprice, and there is small entrance fee to be paid for your vehicle.

If you decide to eat at the restaurant your entrance fee will be refunded or deducted from your bill.

There are Tent lodges scattered around the bay decorated with comfortable cushions and table for a charge. There are food and beverage service to these lodges throughout the day.

A Restaurant Cafee serving chilled soft drinks as well as Beer and sells variety of meal. Kofte , mixed kebab and daily fish is great and affordable.

Seafood is fresh and served to customers only if it is caught on the day.

Staff are very friendly and posses adequate level of english language.

Beach and surrounding is cleaned every day by the staff.

Toilets are available on the sight for free of charge. And of course there are showers onsite. Please note that no shampoos or similar to be used on the site.

It is definitely a tranquil place in the heart of the nature, away from all the hussle and buzzle.


Turtle Beach got its name from its main visitors which are the loggerhead Turtels comenly known as Caretta Caretta’s .

Turtle beach is known as Iztuzu Beach amongst the locals and is located near Dalyan.

Probably the best beach in the entire region, perhaps in entire Turkey.

This beach has two entrance, one via the Canal Delta of Dalyan where the daily dalyan mudbath tour boats dropp you off for several hours which this part is run by the Dalyan Town Counsil, and the other end / part can be reached by Dolmushes leaving from Dalyan town centre.

If you are going to visit this beach DIY way, you need to get to Dalyan Town (see transportation page on this site) you can walk to the waterfront of Dalyan at the centre of Town, where all the boats are lined up next to eachother, there are number of stalls selling or tauting on behalf of Dalyan Cooperative ,simply ask any of these guys there that you wish to go to Iztuzu Beach. Make sure it is a Dolmush/shuttle Boat and not a private trip.

If you wish to go to the other end of the beach, find the Domushes at the Town centre whom are leaving every 30 minutes or so to iztuzu Beach. Remember to ask what time the last shuttle bus leaves from the beach back to Dalyan

If you are going do this visit with your own vehicle then keep in mind that you can visit only one end of this beach as there is no access for vehicles on one end.

The easiest route to fallow is through Dalyan Town Centre, unless you know the way from sarigerme through mergenli village, however i would say stick to Dalyan way, ones you are in Dalyan simply follow the signs to IZTUZU. Don’t be shy to ask Locals which way to drive, they will be more then happy to show you.

On both ends shady Cafee is available as well as changing cabinets and toilets.

There are no shampoos or similar allowed on the showers. This is due to avoid any shampoo or any similar chemicals reaching the underneath the sandy beach which can cause harm to the environment.

Would be appreciated if you have any information  regards to any beaches in the area.