Sarigerme Village

 With the arrival of the New Year , Season of 2018 is in the air and things already looking good for Sarigerme Village
If you have not been in Sarigerme Dalaman area before and considering to book your Holiday, don’t hesitate , you will love it.
Wether you are a party enthusiast or a quite beach lover this place has got much to offer to everyone.

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Oh by the way , a very Happy New Year to you all.

Fantastic Beaches

Beach of Sarigerme itself is among the finest beaches in the area, with all the necessary facilities makes it ideal for families with little children.

Fine Dining

Regardless your budget, Restaurants in the area are well known for its quality butler style fine dining and wining experiences. As  well as within the Village there are also many famous restaurants nearby

Friendly People

Locals are rather friendly and tolerant towards the visitors , this must be due to the nice weather all year around which can have calming effect on people. They will be more then happy to go the extra mile for you.


Dalaman Airport Transfer Service we provide can make a difference at the beginning and end of your Holiday. It can take up to two hours for you to arrive at your destination Hotel after stepping out of the Airport, if you choose to use shuttle services.

With our airport transport service there is no waiting, journey to Sarigerme is 30 minutes, straight to your Hotel.

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Just you or people up to twenty person that you don’t mind being around with in a double decker boat visiting spectacular bays with crystal clear waters , enjoying drinks and music. You will served and looked after in Butler style.

  • Transport to/from Boat
  • Bar and Music available
  • Stopping within Crystal Clear Bays
  • Swimming Breaks
  • BBQ on Boat
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Local Population - 672 ppl
8 Big Hotels 25000 guest
Year 2004 launch of Sarigerme.NET
Organic Sewage Plant since 1994
Local Kite Competition since 2005